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Partner Schools

Partner Schools


C.B. Community School

C.B. Community School serves students ages 16-21 who are currently involved in or were formerly involved in the child welfare or juvenile justice system. Rebecca's Mission has supported their mission to help these individuals learn and grown by transforming a new space in their building into a library. Additionally, Rebecca's Mission conducted a book tasting for students to try a variety of genres and ultimately make book selections for summer reading.




"Your gift makes a significant impact on the life of Wissahickon Charter Students, and we thank you on their behalf."

- Kristi Littell

CEO of Wissahickon Charter School

"We are so grateful for your time and dedication to bringing Rebecca's Mission to life." 

- C.B. Community School

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"Thanks to you, our campers learned to travel the world in an armchair, exposing them to the enjoyable journey that only reading can create." 

- Michael Rouse 
Executive Director of ESF Dream Camps

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